‘Chandan Made Chaddis’ and Aadhaar Bedtime Stories

This is the lovely little story of Chandan.

A Dystopian Times/Brainded India release.


This is our gallery of Aadhaar related cartoons from late 2016 onwards. We dedicate these to the small group of committed individuals working to inform the public and resist this program of control and surveillance capitalism.


For information about the Aadhaar venture, see:




or https://www.uidai.gov.in/

DedShorts: deadtheduck

Featured artist deadtheduck

Dedshort #1: It came from Cubbon, by deadtheduck. For all you dedheads out there!


Dedshort #2: Thank you come again


Dedshort #4: Good Morning


Dedshort #5: Untitled Dog Comic


Dedshort #6: Untitled Cat Comic


DedShorts #7: No Title


DedShorts #9: Good Dog

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DedShorts: Appupen

Featured artist Appupen

DedShorts #3: The Dreamer, by Appupen. Excerpted from ‘Aspyrus’, published by HarperCollins in 2014


DedShorts #8: The Pen is Mightier, by Appupen. Originally published in the August-September 2017 issue of Arts Illustrated. With thanks to Praveena Shivram.


DedShorts #10: The Ring of the Lord, by Appupen. This classic story has stood the test of time in Halahala. You can clearly see their influence on some popular stories of our world.


DedShorts #11: A Halahala Fairy Tale, by Appupen. This we fear is how skin color started being such a big deal around here.

For DedShorts by deadtheduck, click here