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Brainded textBrainded India aims to be that island of independent thought in the agenda-driven current of the branded mainstream. In a society being plunged into this deluge, there is no sub-culture, subversiveness or respite – all the signs point in the same direction. Brainded offers a pause, a look around and a question or two that needs asking.

Brainded India is a movement with the power to encourage thought, dissent, diversity and free minds. Brainded uses humour and visuals as its primary channels to make informed comments on anything that occupies the society’s mind and discourse. Through comics, art, stories and essays, we look beyond the trends, eyewash and agendas in an attempt to unravel today’s human being.

Brainded India is an independent wing of Brainded International.

Brainded is a nomadic collective of international artists started in 2003 in Amsterdam. Since then the community has grown to include film makers, writers, musicians, street artists and comic creators, who mostly prefer to stay independent and anonymous. They are united by their ideals, work, and hope for a better world.


Become a Brainded artist/writer

Brainded relies on your participation and we have a number of events planned for the year. Follow us and send in your entries at the email below. A Brainded panel will take the final call on what we publish, naturally. All rights remain with the creators and Brainded merely showcases the work chosen.

Write to us at callusbrainded(at)Gmail(dot)com