Covid Specials

Attack of the Anti-Virus: A sting operation by Ajit Dowell

The Flight of the Migrant

Serio City: A short story with this year’s jolly greetings.

Hope: In these trying times, a recurring occurrence.

The Adventures of Bal-cony

The wonder and the futility.

The Liberandu Revolution: A story of Bhakts and Librandus from a parallel dimension.

Welcome to Locktown: Glad to meet you. Short story.

Some days you just don’t want to get out of The Safe Room.
With a warm hug to Van Gogh. This is from an upcoming Halahala series on the inner child, and its world. I quarantine myself with work quite often and I was trying to capture that mood. Fits right into now.

That-Man and the masters of the world: It’s not my problem. From a conversation with a Condillac.

A Rashtrian Cocktale: Comic, wit and satire in Rashtria – because our sense of humour may be the only way.

Revolution 1: Of data, privacy and protests. Online activism on the line.

Revolution 2: The bridge to tomorrow or are you staying today? Of data, privacy and consent.

Ship of Fools: The Parable of PB.

The Promise: Some sacrifices may be needed for the greater good. Conditions apply.

Home o’Sapiens: When you just can’t get out of it. Love and anti-viral vibes from Brainded International and Appupen.

Aima-Nasso: Still being hopeful after the clanging. Take good care of yourselves, people. Read a book, or a comic.

How do you shop when you can’t see the enemy? Ah-nachkinacknachkichakinachikna… Ho jayegi teri balle balle. Yet another #makeinindia success story!

Just aks for Maks! The Maks lifestyle international commission.

GDP. ‘Maskuerade’. Hypernormalised for the now.

Dystopian Perspectives. A virus is a virus.

Slow down, think and dream small.

Nature’s Basket Case

No rest for the wicked. Or ‘Hate in the time of Corona’. A lesson in humanity for #cowboy Prince of Cowrashtra.

Revenge is a dish! A Rashtrian retaliation rhetoric.

For the students, academics, activists and lawyers targeted and arrested for their independent thought.

Rashtraman Covic extras

Rashtraman S3

Rashtraman fights domestic issues, economic and political, to retain his authoritarian hold on Rashtria. The people are not happy but he tries his best to keep them confused. The events of Rashtrayana II happen after this, so you don’t have to be confused.

Rashtraman on Elections: The Rashtrian election campaign decoded!

Rashtraman and Cowboy on the Pandemic

Rashtraman on China

Rashtraman on Independence

Rashtraman on ‘Minorities’

Rashtraman on the New Rashtria

Rashtraman on Protests

Rashtraman ft. artist Atheeth Madhavan (@gaptoothmaddy)


A winter of discontent is brewing in Rashtria, and the nation needs a new league of heroes as Rashtraman runs amok in the second instalment of Appupen’s Rashtrayana

Chapter 1: Shadow Of The Bat

Chapter 2: Rogues Of The South

Chapter 3: Cape Of Good Hope

Chapter 4: Legend Of the East

Chapter 5: Balls & Chains

Chapter 6: Raging Bulls

Chapter 7: Host Of The Past I

Chapter 8: Host Of The Past II: Big Guns

Chapter 9: The Raath Of Rashtraman I

Chapter 10: The Raath Of Rashtraman II: Return Of The Prince


Chandan Made Chaddis & Aadhaar Bedtime Stories

This is the lovely little story of Chandan.

A Dystopian Times/Brainded India release.

This is our gallery of Aadhaar related cartoons from late 2016 onwards. We dedicate these to the small group of committed individuals working to inform the public and resist this program of control and surveillance capitalism.

For information about the Aadhaar venture, see:



About half the CRIK-X series did a run on ESPN Cricinfo. The entire story is now presented here for the first time over 50 days, to help you deal with the IPL Season which can be heavily traumatic for many.

If you are a real cricket fan, then this is the world you want – sit back, sip cola and cheer on. Heads or tails. Let the games begin!

The Ultimate Cricket Comic by Appupen & Chacko

ECOMIXER Edition 2: Sthree Sthree September

Brainded India presents Ecomixer II: Sthree Sthree September, a month of celebrating women through comics. This time we are looking to highlight the incongruity of women in India who are elevated as goddesses in rhetoric, yet dehumanised in their homes and in the streets. Playing on superheroes as a significant part of the mainstream visual language, through Sthree Sthree September we want to disrupt the tired old maternal or hypersexual images to create a new and subversive vocabulary.

The event was held online in a week-long event that featured original Indian ‘superheroines’, their powers, costume, name, insignia and origin story. The entries were featured on Brainded India over a period of ten days beginning 20 September to 30 September 2018.

The second edition of Ecomixer was curated by Catherine and Appupen.

Phase 1: An open call to our readers to send in their original superheroine sketches, detailing their powers.


Phase 2: We invited artists to create and illustrate a superheroine for the second edition of Ecomixer.


The Doodle Mafia ravishes women with unapologetic bounty, and popping colours. She also makes drawings illustrations, comics, and cutesy zines.

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Miss Pummela by Annada Menon

She owns a bakery where she kneads, folds and stretches the dough; the place is her haven. The process of baking kind of trickles down to her methods of fighting goons as well. She kneads, pulls and stretches their body like a rubber band with her bare hands.

Loosely based on the artist’s mother, Miss Pummela does all the heavy lifting – takes care of her family, plants and the bakery business. She fights crime and solves problems with her bare hands, the hands of a mother, rough, worn and marked with burns but nurturing, strong and powerful.

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The Girl Not From Madras by Neha Dixit and Orijit Sen

The comic follows Sakina, a 17-year-old from Assam who is sold as a ‘bride’ to a family in Haryana. Her brother with the help of an NGO is trying to rescue her. The story is told by the caped crusader Laadli (Beloved Daughter), who accompanies us through this chilling narrative that is warmed by a glimmer of hope.

First published in First Hand Graphic Non-Fiction From India. With special thanks to Arpita Das and Yoda Press


Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

Nimona is a shapeshifter with her own ideas, most of which involve blowing things up. Her entry into the ‘evil’ Lord Ballister Blackheart’s life means that he may finally accomplish things and do justice to his ilk. Nimona is now part of his cause, to show that the good guys aren’t as good as they seem. Written and drawn by Noelle Stevenson, Nimona now exits in a book.


Poonam 3000 by Xishnu.

This short but magnificent story is about a mother who does more than what is generally expected of her. A heroine in two roles, no one greater than the other.


Iota by Malavika Pc

Superheroine Iota emerges from the carnage that remains after a fire-breathing and concrete-crunching reptilian troublemaker wreaks havoc and chaos. In the wordless world that Malavika Pc creates, Iota is effortless, elegant, and efficient.

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And that’s the end of Brainded’s Ecomixer Edition 2. Do also check out ECOMIXER Edition 1: 12 Comics, 12 Artists, 12 Hours

Thank you.




ECOMIXER Edition 1: 12 Comics, 12 Artists, 12 Hours

Making independent comics is to make a statement about issues close to the heart. We are now in a time where we need more art and more avenues for art. And so, on 5 June 2018, World Environment Day, Brainded India presents Ecomixer – a 12-hour online comic marathon from noon till midnight, with the theme ‘ecosystems’.

About a month ago, we invited some of the best and most promising artists we know, to make comics for us. Almost all of them have given us something, so we may have a little more than we promised now. We are really grateful to all of them (listed above). We hope that this showcase, and more efforts like this, will help spread the growing independent comic scenario in the country. That would be the real way to thank these artists who are breaking new ground and laying the foundations of a movement.

The first edition of Ecomixer has been curated by deadtheduck and Appupen.


Ecomixer 01: Priya Kuriyan – A Killing

Once upon a time, Priya Kuriyan had a cat named Phantom, so it seems that she, Priya Kuriyan not Phantom, might be a cat person. Sometimes, she thinks it would be nice to be a stick insect, to just watch the world without being seen. This is Priya Kuriyan’s story, A Killing.


Ecomixer 02: Prabha Mallya – Zoologically Disappointing

Meowoof! Prabha Mallya cannot pick between cats and dogs, just like she cannot choose between fussing around with inks and stubby pencils. She frequently has black fingernails. It is no surprise that she would choose to be a squid for all the squink. Read Prabha’s story, Zoologically Disappointing.


Ecomixer 03: Pardafash – Party Animals

While Pardafash is not caught up in a generational feud with a bunch of fruit flies, the number one enemy of her ecosystem, she is an artist and musician. Recently, a cat named Inji also turned up out of the blue and decided that she likes the ecosystem, fruit flies and all. This is Party Animal, a story by Pardafash.


Ecomixer 04: Kaviya Ilango – Ecosystems for Sale

Kaviya Ilango who goes by wallflowergirlsays on the internet, identifies collective callousness, apathy, and the some-else-will-do-it attitude as the enemy of her ecosystem. Her interpretation of the theme ecosystems is a reflection of the everyday ecological destruction of the urban lifestyle.


Ecomixer 05 : DangerCat

A friend to all creatures who will not have her for breakfast, Dangercat is currently an artist living in Sydney, Australia; alternatively, she would be a domestic cat, ‘it would be nice to sleep for 20 hours at a stretch and not wake up with a headache.’ This is her comic.


Ecomixer 06 : Rohan Chakravarty

Rohan Chakravarty is notorious for rolling up into a ball like a pangolin to avoid answering the phone or meeting people. He loves every non-human life-form equally but admits that some are more equal than others. This is his comic.


Ecomixer 07: Orijit Sen – The Narrow Road, Unravelling

If Orijit Sen could be any other creature, he would be the planet’s largest tree – being a home to thousands of creatures, pumping out enough oxygen to kick global warming in the ass and looking magnificent to boot. This is his story — The Narrow Road, Unravelling.
Any other:


Ecomixer 08: Antra – The Gritty Ghosts of Gurgaon

In Antra’s whimsical world of colour and dynamism, there is dust. She uses too much tissue paper to clean the dust. She uses a rag but the rag gets dust. The dust settles. She uses more tiss… Outside of this vicious loop, Antra is a visual artist and this is her story, The Gritty Ghosts of Gurgaon.


Ecomixer 09 – The Doodle Mafia

The Doodle Mafia is not so great at segregating waste. And would rather just be a pet dog, because who doesn’t want to eat food, give love, and be a good boy. Luckily, dogs have paws, which are no good to segregate waste. She makes cheeky comics, mushy zines, and drawings. Her story is Bzzzz.


Ecomixer 10: Debangshu Moulik – We’re Always on Our Phones

Debangshu Moulik has been making art ever since he could lift a crayon and he’s been working on making a career as a freelance illustrator. After class 12, when he didn’t hear back from many art and design colleges, he wasn’t disillusioned. Instead, he turned to the internet and made the web his teacher. This is his comic.


Ecomixer 11: Aniruddh Menon

If Aniruddh Menon could be any other living creature, he imagines he would be the honey fungus, experiencing life as a mushroom among other larger, living creatures. In reality, he is an artist and musician, reconsidering his habit of ordering takeout, and learning to like cats. This is his story, Untitled (1).



Ecomixer 12: deadtheduck – BLYT

Comix artist deadtheduck is definitely fruit person. If he could be any other living thing he would be a kappa pazham or red banana. The fruit is known locally as nature’s lubricant and has been declared by deadtheduck as a true national treasure for the effect it has on digestion. This is his comic, Blyt.
Madhav Nair (@deadtheduck) • Instagram photos and videos


Ecomixer 13: Sajid Wajid Shaikh

A multidisciplinary artist from Bombay, Sajid experiments with shape, colour and line to produce bespoke illustrations, pattern designs, portraiture and typography. He draws inspiration from music and art to create unique work that fuses traditional drawing techniques with digital technology. Read his comic here.


Ecomixer 14:  Appupen – Dimension H: Ecosystems

What is more ecologically destructive than being a human, living in a city in the 21st century? asks Appupen, the creator of worlds and comic stories. If he could, he would trade being human on land to be a creature in the sea, capable of travelling far and deep. Clearly, he is a fish person, a big fish person. This is his story, Dimension H.

And that’s the end of Brainded’s Ecomixer Edition 1.

Thank you.

Don’t forget to check out ECOMIXER Edition 2: Sthree Sthree September

The Great Brainded India Posters

Non-sponsored. Non-recyclable. Nonsensical. Only pure propaganda.

The Indian version of the award-winning Brainded poster series. Brought to you by a completely Brainded team of international artists, thinkers and a writer after a recent India tour.

Brainded takes on India and the world around you. This collection of random thoughts from Appupen has been cleverly disguised as friendly advertising/propaganda posters, to gain easy access to the mainstream audience. Each juicy, bite-sized poster hopes to highlight and add to the chaos and absurdity of your agenda-driven existence, with fun colours and catchy concepts. 2016.


Propagandhi’s Newspaper of Everyday

Manufacturing content – the dystopian way.

Your news hunt ends here. Now you can predict it, prepare for it and make money off it. Presenting MONDAY to SATURDAY of Rashtrian Everyday-lies.

By Varun Scarfoot and Appupen


Dystopian Express

An archive of not so old newspaper comic strips from #Rashtria, featuring some Ded artists. #DystopianTimes


For more such comics, check out Dystopian Times of Rashtria

DedShorts: Appupen

Shorts exclusively made for and published on

Anything can happen. The secret origin of buttermilk.

Listen. A raga of rage. How long can we ignore the little guy?

Tattvam Assimilate. A time to reflect on the state of the inner nature.
Also, ‘Who put that dream in your head?’ – from #aspyrus (#appupen 2014)

Take the power back. Republic Day special.

The Pen is Mightier, by Appupen. Originally published in the August-September 2017 issue of Arts Illustrated. With thanks to Praveena Shivram.

The Ring of the Lord, by Appupen. This classic story has stood the test of time in Halahala. You can clearly see their influence on some popular stories of our world.

A Halahala Fairy Tale, by Appupen. This we fear is how skin color started being such a big deal around here.

Fishing adventures