DedShorts: deadtheduck

Featured artist deadtheduck

Dedshort #1: It came from Cubbon, by deadtheduck. For all you dedheads out there!


Dedshort #2: Thank you come again


Dedshort #4: Good Morning


Dedshort #5: Untitled Dog Comic


Dedshort #6: Untitled Cat Comic


DedShorts #7: No Title


DedShorts #9: Good Dog

For DedShorts by Appupen, click here

3 thoughts on “DedShorts: deadtheduck

  1. Are any of your comic books in the market as a collection? i would really like to have a collective hard copy of the same..


    1. Hi Mihir, if you’re looking for Brainded work, there are a few posters of the work and the recently released Rashtrayana: Trouble in Paradesh comic book by Appupen available. You can write to to find out how you can get these. If you are looking for deadtheduck’s work, you can write to him at


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