The Halahala Library Vol.1

We present a selection of short comics and excerpts with a distinct ‘Brainded’ edge to them.

The Prey‘ is a commissioned Halahala story from 2009.

Below are some excerpts from Appupen‘s ‘Aspyrus‘. Welcome to the uber-consumerist future city of Aspyria, where big brands play god just like today.

The Dreamer, by Appupen. Excerpted from ‘Aspyrus’, published by HarperCollins in 2014

Midway‘ is a story set in 2043, commissioned by Mid-Day. We took off on Mid-Day itself, being their anniversary issue.

And now, some vintage Halahala from ‘Moonward‘ by Appupen.

 Dr Mooshtak’s Supa Kola Plant from ‘Moonward

Also see Halahala Classics.

4 thoughts on “The Halahala Library Vol.1

    1. Hey Charlie.
      Thank you very much. I haven’t really launched this site yet, so it’s really nice to hear your comment. There may be more stuff that you’d like at
      I’ve been making stories about this parallel dimension called Halahala and I have three books published in India under the pen name Appupen: Moonward(2009) published by Blaft; Legends of Halahala(2012) & Aspyrus(2014) by HarperCollins. You could find them online. Where are you from?


  1. Hey George! I’m a big fan of your work.
    I have Legends, Aspyrus and I’ve pre-ordered Lotus.
    My only problem is that Moonward is no where to be found (seller on Amazon is a fraud and won’t sell me the real book, it has happened to me twice).
    Is there some legit way to obtain a copy of Moonward? My mind and my shelf feel incomplete.
    – Chinmay! (


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